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Big News!

Hello! It’s Brooke and Becca, the makers of this website. We wanted to share some exciting news with you...

We recently presented the ideas behind at the 2015 Rootstech Conference. For those who don’t know, Rootstech is the world’s largest family history conference. Tens of thousands of people from all around the world attended. While we were just happy to be presenting at the event, we didn’t realize there was an element of competition to it. This week we were surprised and excited to be informed that out of over 200 classes our class was ranked first at the conference!

Rankings were determined by audience polls, surveys, and feedback. Here are a few comments people submitted after attending our presentation:

“This was by far the most unique and best session I attended. Great job of

presenting, their ideas were so great I could not write fast enough to get them

all down in a coherent manner.”

“My favorite session. It was a new and fresh way to do family history and get

everyone involved.”

“I left with so many ideas and plans to get my kids and myself doing better

with the whole scope of family history.”

“This was an unexpected treasure. Great ideas. I was moved.”

“Very inspirational. Gave me specific ideas to help my teenage grandchildren

get involved in family history. Just what I needed.”

When we started this project we knew it was important but we weren’t sure how much life it had. Since this exciting news and other positive feedback from families, it’s clear to us that there is an interest and a need for this project. So we will keep going! We have lots of fun new ideas for how you and your family can connect to one another and to your family history. Please check back with us soon for more activities, resources, contests, and content.

Thank you for your support and help in spreading the word. We can’t wait to see how you and your family will make history!


Becca, Brooke, & The Make Family History Team

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