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The Great Diary Project

Have you ever read someone else's journal or diary? Some people collect stamps, others collect coins, but here is someone who collects diaires and wants you to too.

Boris Johnson, a patron of The Great Diary Project, says, "The Great Diary Project rescues and preserves diaries, to safeguard , long-term, the thoughts and ideas of real people of all kinds who – writing for themselves with no agenda – bequeath us a historical resource of extraordinary power and importance."

This is a podcast about the Great Diary Project:

Ask your family if any of your ancestors kept any journals or diaries. If so, read them and then digitize them as soon as possible. If for some reason you or your family doesn't want them anymore you can easily donate them to this collection (but really guys, hang onto them if you can!)

To Donate a Diary Check Out:

To Learn More about the Great Diary Project Check Out:

If you are lucky enough to be in London from now until October 14, 2015, there is an exhibit of the diary collection at the Museum of Childood. It sounds really great:

"On public display for the first time, they include tales of flogging and bed bugs at boarding school during the Napoleonic Wars, early twentieth century American Scout diaries, as well as coded accounts of wild teenage behavior during the Blitz."

Go check it out and start writing in your own diary or journal, you won't regret it.

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