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Activity #2

Make Home Movies

What To Do

Make a series of home movies.


How To Do It

Use your video camera, phone, ipad or another recording device to record the following:
1. Film a Daily Routine
What is your morning routine like? What is your bedtime routine like? What are your sibling and parent's evening routines like? These repetitive series of actions change with time and can be an insightful record of you and your family’s typical day. Capturing a daily process or routine can preserve the simple but telling details of your life.
2. Film an Event
Birthday parties. Soccer games. Recitals. Events are some of the most common home movie footage. There are big events but there are also small events that are worth documenting. Try filming a family dinner or a family outing. Record a sibling's event. What other small but significant events take place at your house, community, or school?
3. Film a person
Ask a family member if you can spend some time filming them. What do they love to do and why? What does their space in the house look like and why? What do they want you to film and why?


How is this family history?


Home movies offer a unique way of preserving the past unlike any other medium. Seeing who we were, what we looked like, how we talked, how we acted, and then realizing how we’ve grown or changed can provide a powerful perspective into our personal and families' lives.

 Make home movies.

Make history.



Learn more about home movies:
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