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Activity #13

Home Movie Night

What To Do

Gather your family together for a Home Movie Night.



How To Do It

Step 1:
Set a date and invite your family to join you for a special movie night.
Step 2:
On the day of your screening pull out your home movies and make some treats. Take turns watching your favorite home movies. 
Step 3:
Observe what happens as you watch these movies together.
Consider the following:
After watching these films how do you think your
family changed over time?
In what ways is life the same?
In what ways is life different?
What were your family's responses to the films?
What parts of everyday life could you capture now?
Don’t have any home movies? Make some! Recently filmed videos can be fun and interesting to watch too!

How is this Family History?

Home movies are a powerful family history record, they can bring out the everyday moments that are small but significant. This medium allows us to see our history in real time. Home movies preserve a visual and verbal record of those we love for not only ourselves but for future generations.

 Make Memories.

Make History.


Learn more about home movies:
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