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Activity #8

Make a Digital Timeline


What To Do

Make a Digital Timeline of Your Life


How To Do It

Step 1:
Think back on your life and brainstorm at least ten memorable milestones, moments or achievements. Start with your birth and try your best to remember specific years and dates for each memorable event.
Step 2:
Create a new blank image using a digital drawing tool like MS Paint, Google Drawings, Pixlr or even Photoshop.
Step 3:
Use a line tool to draw a long horizontal line, and then use the same tool to add smaller vertical lines to intersect your timeline - one for each life event you are going to add.
Step 4:
Use a text tool to label each vertical line with a date and a short description of the event.
Step 5:
Add pictures to illustrate each event on your timeline. You can use digital photos already saved on your computer, scan in hard-copies of photos, or simply use Google Image Search to find generic photos and clipart that match each of your events.
Step 6:
Save your timeline to your computer or the cloud. Print a hard copy and save it in a journal or memory box.

Note: It would be easy to do a paper-version of this timeline activity! Just get big pieces of white paper, markers or colored pencils, and rulers to draw nice straight lines. You could hand-illustrate it or glue on any printed photos you might have.

How Is This Family History?

This activity is a great way of reflecting on the achievements and milestones of your life thus far, and leaving a record for any future generations.



Additional Resources:

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Make Records.

Make history.

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