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Activity #10

Journal Challenge


What To Do

Keep a journal for 30 days.


How To Do It

Step 1:
Find a journal, diary, notebook, or sketchbook.
Step 2:
For 30 consecutive days write a journal entry.
Step 3:
Don't feel confined to just writing about the events of the day.
Explore additional topics:
Favorite part of the day and why
Least favorite part of the day and why
Keep a record of your dreams
Make a Bucket List
Words of Wisdom - your favorite words of advice or quotes
Describe your perfect day
Share a mistake you never want to make
Sketch part of your day
Step 4:
At the end of 30 days re-read your entries. Consider the following:
What have I learned about myself?
...about my environment?
...about my family and relationships?
Step 5:
Keep your journal in a safe place and keep writing! If you kept an electronic journal make sure to print out your entries; files can get deleted, corrupt, or lost.
Click for Additional Resources:
119 Journal Prompts
The Great Diary Project
Samuel Pepys Diary

How Is This Family History?


A journal is the best possible primary source there is for a family member. Nothing allows you to get to know someone who has passed away than reading about their thoughts, dreams, and actions. A journal will serve as a important record not only for you but for your future family as well.



Make Memoirs.

Make History.

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