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Activity #11

make a podcast

What's In a Name?

What To Do

Make a podcast about you and your family members' names.


How To Do It

Step 1:
Use your phone, computer, tablet, or any other device that has a digital recorder.
Step 2:
Interview and record your family members about their name.
Consider asking questions like:
What is your full name?
Where did your name come from?
Were you named after anyone or anything?
What do you like about your name?
What do you not like about your name?
If you could choose another name, what would it be?
Has your name impacted you an any way for good or bad?
Any funny stories relating to your name?
Ask your parents how they choose your name.
Ask your parents how they chose your siblings names.
Step 3:
Throughout your interviews notate what thoughts and discoveries you have. If you want to incorporate these notes into your podcast then record yourself talking through your thoughts or reading your notes.
Step 4:
Put the digital files of each interview together to create one complete audio file. If you want, add your recorded thoughts at the beginning, in between or after the interviews to add insight or explanation.
Step 5:
Name and export your audio file.
Step 6:
Make a copy of it either on a CD onto another electronic device.
Step 7:
Share your podcast with your family!

How Is This Family History?

Names are an important part of family history. When doing research using family names can be crucial to finding the right relatives. Peoples' names can be a part of their story.


Consider the following:

Did you learn anything new about your name?
Did you learn anything new about your family member's name?

Does it make you think any differently about the importance of a name?



Make meaning.

Make history.

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