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Activity #24

Make Your Family Crest


 A family crest derives from the tradition of warriors and knights wearing something to display their achievements or a story about themselves to announce themselves and their strengths to their opponents. This eventually evolved into having a family crest that tells who you are, what your history is, and what you care about as a family. A crest is shaped like a shield and has designs or symbols and sometimes writing on it to represent these things.


How To Do It

Step 1:  Print or create a crest image


Step 2: Pick a few visuals to display on your crest. Possible subjects include:

Family traditions

Family values

Favorite family foods

Favorite family activities

Favorite elements of your heritage

Favorite elements of your culture

A child’s personal choice
Step 3: Create a Family Motto
A family motto can consist of a few words that describe your family’s strength and is written along the bottom of the crest.
Step 4: Display your family crest


How Is This Family History?

This activity can encourage dialogue within the family about a child’s personal and familial identity. This is a hands-on way to help them to discover and recognize their family’s strengths and traditions.



Make Art.

Make History.



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