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Activity #23

Oneday video app

What To Do

Make a movie using the free Oneday video app


How To Do It

Go to and download the Oneday video app onto your electronic device. We have found that iPads and iPhones tend to work the best however they do have an android app. The app has lots of categories of home movie subjects and interview questions  you can pick from. Once you record your movie the app automatically edits it, puts it to music, and saves it to your device.



How Is This Family History?

This free app is a great way to record interviews with your family members because it comes up with all the questions and does all the editing for you. All you have to do is choose a list of questions and hit record! One downside is that there are only a few options for themes and music, so after making a few movies it can start feel repetitive.  Because of these limitations, this app probably won't be able to substitute for other ways of making and editing home movies.  Still, it’s a great and easy way for beginners and kids of all ages to get involved in interviewing family members and making history!



Make Movies.

Make History.



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