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Activity #22

Create a Vision Board

What To Do

Make a vision board that reflects your goals and dreams


How To Do It

Step 1:
Gather markers, scissors, tape, magazines, and a large sheet of paper or poster board.


Step 2:

Consider the following questions:

         What are my educational goals?

         What are my career goals?

         What are my health goals?
         What are my spiritual goals?

         What personal talents do I want to develop?

         What habits do I want to continue and what habits do I want to break?

         What family traits and habits do I want to embrace and pass on?

         What family traditions and habits do I not want to pass on?



Step 3:

Cut or print out visuals that reflect your goals.  Paste these pictures onto your poster board. Add illustrations and words to your pictures that describe your goals.


Step 4:

Hang your board somewhere you can see it often.


Step 5:

Make occasional updates to your vision board. Over time some of your goals may change. You will probably discover new talents you want to develop or hobbies you want to pursue. Update your vision board to reflect who you want to be and where you want to go in life. 


How Is This Family History?

Having a vision board can help youth (and adults) consciously choose what direction they are heading, goals they want to accomplish, and family traits they want to pass on.  This is a creative project to visually see one’s goals and help youth realize how they want to make history.



Make Goals.

Make History.



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