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Activity #18

Make Your Silhouette

What To Do

Make a silhouette of yourself or of a family member


How To Do It

Step 1:

Find a window that has a lot of light coming through it.

Step 2:

Stand in front of the window and then turn sideways. Have someone take a picture of you. Make sure you can see all of your head and a little bit of your shoulders.  


Step 3:

Print the picture the size you want it.

Step 4:

Cut out the picture and trace it onto a black piece of paper.


Step 5:

Cut out the tracing and glue your profile onto a piece of paper, wood, canvas, or whatever you want to mount it on.


Step 6:

Display your silhouette



Variations of this activity:

Make a silhouette of you doing something you love:













Take a family silhouette picture:















How Is This Family History?

This is just a fun way to preserve how you look at your current age. As you age your profile will change.  By preserving your silhouette now you can compare and contrast it to your older silhouettes.




Make Art.

Make History.




Additional Resources:

( trys to find great links for you but it is not repsonsible for the

content in other online links)


   Here's a link to learn about the history of Silhouettes

Here's a link to other ways to make your silhouette

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