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Activity #16

Send a Letter to Your Future Self


What To Do

 Write a letter to your future self.


How To Do It

Step 1:
Pull out your computer or some pen and paper.
Step 2:

Pick a time in your future you want to write to. Here are a few ideas:


1, 5, 10, or 25 years from now

When you graduate from high school

When you graduate from college

When you get married

When you have your first child

When you turn a certain age


Step 3:

Write a letter to yourself answering questions such as these:


Where do you predict you will be at this time?

What do you predict you will be doing in your work, school, and family life?

In what ways do you hope you will be the same?

In what ways do you hope you will be different?

What do you want to learn from now until then?

What advice do you have for your future self?

What family and friends do you hope you are still close to?

What do you want to do with your life from now until then?

What goals do you want to accomplish from now until then?

My greatest example is_________. I hope I can become like them in the following ways....

Ask yourself, “Do you still….?”

I hope I never……

I hope I always….
Step 4:

Handwritten letters: Seal your letter in an envelope, address it to yourself and mark the date it should be opened.  Put it with your important documents like birth certificate or passport so you don’t lose it.


Electronic Letters: Go to Copy your letter into the text box and enter in the date you want your letter emailed to you. On the date you chose will email you your letter. It is private so it will be sent only to your email.


Step 5:
When the future date comes, read it!

Additional Resources and Examples:

*Please note that is not responsible for content on other websites.

We try to link you to great examples but sometimes online content changes.

Example Letter #1

Example Letter #2

Watch the documentary 42 Up



How Is This Family History?

By writing a letter to your future self you are looking ahead, setting a path you want to follow, and creating a physical copy of a road map in which you can look back to see how you did.



Make Goals.

Make history.

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