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Activity #15

Make A Time Capsule


What To Do

 Gather photos, letters, and artifacts to make a time capsule.


How To Do It

Step 1: Decide who your audience is.
Who do you want to open this time capsule? You? Your kids? Your Grandkids? Your intended audience will effect what you include in your capsule.
Step 2: Gather items such as:
- A letter to your future self about what you think you do, where you think  
  you will live, and what you have hoped you have done.
- The front page of today's newspaper
- Music from your favorite band
- Photos: a picture of you, your family, your room,
- A coin or form of currency from this year
- A list of goals you want to achieve by the time you open the capsule
- A piece of clothing or jewlery. (In case this does become forgotten over time
  don't include anything too valuable or irreplaceable.)
- A piece of current technology - again, nothing irreplaceable.
- A handwritten letter from your parent or grandparent to your future self
Step 3: Choose a container
Choose a container that will last the longest in your chosen hiding spot. Metal cans work really well or a sturdy shoebox. Fill your container and seal it with duct tape or, if doing a metal can, you can take it be sealed at a cannery.
Step 4: Mark on the time capsule the date you want it opened.
Step 5: Take a photo of your time capsule and tag @makefamilyhistory @timecapsule
Step 6: Store your time capsule in a safe or secret place.

How Is This Family History?

 Physical objects help the hazy past turn into a tactile reality. The objects you place in your timecapsule will spark stories, memories, and thoughts from your life.



Make Memories.

Make history.

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