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Activity #12

Find Your Family


What To Do

Build Your Family Tree.



How To Do It


Step 1: Go to is a free website that helps you build your family tree. It is the largest genealogy organization in the world. It's a free website where you can search millions of records, create a family tree and upload your family photos, stories, and memories.
*The following steps are provided by
Step 2: *Discover your story.
"The first step in discovering your story is reaching out to parents, grandparents—any relative that can share stories, photos, or other information with you. Using the FamilySearch Photos and Stories, you can capture, preserve, and share what you find. As you do, you will find yourself on the path to discovering your own story."
Step 3: Create Login
On click "Create Login" to make your free personal account.
Step 4: *Explore your family tree.
"Family Tree is where your family history comes together. The fourth step to getting started is to explore your family tree. Since researchers and volunteers from around the world are adding to Family Tree daily, some work may have already been done for you. Add missing names, dates, and relationships, collaborate with other family members, and watch your family tree grow."
Step 5: *Find Your Ancestors


"Step five is to grow your family tree by searching historical records on Your ancestors' everyday milestones and experiences—like birth, marriage, and death—often created historical records that have been indexed and made searchable online. Use Search to find more details about the people in your family story."


If you have any questions along the way you can ask them at the Help Center

How Is This Family History?


By building your family tree you can see what family members you do and don't know about. There is family waiting to be found, learned from,
and celebrated.









Make your tree.

Make history.

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